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“His Dark Ways is full of palpable action careening toward a breakneck conclusion. Plus, hot guys.” -Bookalicious

“Again, I reach out into the darkness. It’s him. My touch seems to give his spirit flesh. Dark hair, a face painted by death, and a beauty I’ve only read of in Bible stories. He reaches for my face and leans in as if he’s never seen a living breathing human being.” 

Savanna Christy, a pastor’s daughter, is on a rebellion. Once her Dad told her the Bible warns of opening doors that shouldn’t be opened. She’s become obsessed with finding out if those doors are just as invisible as the God she’s been raised to know.

One night, during another thrill-seeking adventure, Savanna and her friends Amy and Lucky, head thirty minutes out of their small town of Tonopah, to check out the Goldfield Hotel, known to be one of the most highly active places for paranormal activity in the nation. Together the three of them break in, hoping to open one of the doors the Bible speaks of, and in the middle of a satanic séance the three of them are dragged to various places of the hotel. But when the door shuts before Savanna’s cornered, something saves her. As footsteps slowly make their way to where Savanna is under a window, she reaches out her hand. Daniel, an entity who’s been locked away between space and time, becomes just as visible as Savanna. And her energy can give him life again, only when they touch (which triggers an addiction).

"Ah, Valentine's Day. Roses, candy, cute couples holding hands and kissing in the mall... it makes me nauseous. Love Stinks! is thirteen stories of anti-love, anti-candy, and anti-roses, for those of us who are home alone eating cookie dough ice cream and watching sitcoms with our pets."
An Ambush Books Anthology 

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